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I can challenge your current request and help you find the most suitable solution, prepare design research and conduct the research, brainstorm and determine the most suitable program concept, design and implement a great educational experience for your students, and evaluate its effectiveness
I am especially passionate about designing programs. I love implementing ideas and inspiring people I work with;
I am a big fan of peer-2-peer techniques, because I believe that the best educational experience is learning from others;
I am an adopter of problem-oriented learning models. I have been devoting myself to the four-component model of instructional design (4C/ID) lately. However, there are also cases designed from the learning outcomes and from experience in my portfolio;
Hi! My name is Palina and I strive to help people fall in love with their educational experience!
I am also completing the “Learning Experience Design" program organized by Universal University, School of Education. I am sure that with my pedagogical background and the experience gained during this program:
I have devoted 5 years to teaching and I believe that education is my passion
I have designed and managed my own educational chemistry project for teenagers
At the moment I work as Learning Experience Designer at Yandex Practicum and design web-development courses
Learning Experience Designer
Palina Mushtukova
Educational Team
project #1
Key features
The main challenge was that the program had to align the goals and expectations of different target audiences. It had to meet the audiences’ needs and provide the opportunity to сhange students’ educational trajectory, while enabling teachers to grow professionally.

I believe that we have managed to achieve this difficult goal. We’ve gone through all stages from analyzing the status quo, working with the audience and designing the program to presenting and summarizing options for program development. Among other things, valuable ideas related to additional activities for schoolers and teachers were included into the project.

Polina was one of the leaders of the LXD team, she managed to track the timing of the project and initiate each stage, and was responsible for communicating with the customer. We are planning to implement the project in 2023-24.

Intensive course in Math and Physics for teachers and students from the regions organized by the Letovo IB school.
Interdisciplinary and meta-subject workshops declare the value of comprehensive development and demonstrate students inter-subject connections;
To organize a 7-10 day intensive program on the school subject for 8-10 graders and their teachers from the regions, which will help reduce the financial burden of the investor and increase brand awareness of the Letovo school.
A universal and adaptable program-constructor with different content for students and teachers.
A hybrid format: online onboarding will allow students to prepare for the intensive offline learning experiences to come
Math and Physics lessons followed by reflection on student’s learning outcomes, reduce cognitive load and stress level
Educational Team
project #2
Key features
Your team managed to determine the issues very precisely and resist the temptation to focus on the solutions proposed in the brief. You have researched the context of the problem in detail and proposed reasoned and proven changes to the concept of the solution.

It's cool that you emphasized both the positive effect of the implemented solutions on the student’s learning experience and the economics of the product, while also highlighting the non-obvious risks that are easy to overlook. This significantly increases the credibility of the proposed solutions. You conducted a thorough study that helps to understand the mechanics of the new concept at all stages of implementation and for each role. Thank you!
“Learning to learn” course on metacognitive skills as part of the “React developer” program from Yandex Practicum
With each subsequent cycle, students dive deeper into the necessary metacognitive strategies, which will allow them to move from external control of the learning process (student support team) to internal control.
To redesign the existing React Developer program in order to reduce the costs of the student support team while keeping the current completion rate, thereby increasing the marginality of the product.
An asynchronous additional course as part of the main program, which will be devoted to helping students develop metacognitive strategies.
We used the “wrapper method” while designing the course. We added learning experience to the existing subject program, which will help students learn more efficiently.
As part of the course, the student will be immersed in 3 cycles of experience-based learning, which is based on a model of self-regulated learning.
Educational Team
project #3
Key features
Palina managed to do the impossible! The subject area of Machine Learning is very complex and complicated to understand. The employees enthusiastically joined the training developed according to the 4C/ID model.

The LXD team included elements of gamification in the program, and developed a full-fledged business game for the ML area onboarding. Those who have completed the training have gained the necessary knowledge and are satisfied with the outcomes!
Intro to Machine Learning for new employees from Toloka AI
The final assessment in the video Mock-interview and the subsequent review from an experienced employee of the company will allow to assess the increase in the necessary competencies of a new employee.
To develop a course as part of the onboarding program for new employees, which will help them communicate with both technical and non-technical specialists in the field of Machine Learning and Toloka products.
A course, where employees first obtain the basic knowledge about the structure of the ML subject area. They then refract the acquired knowledge to the Toloka products and work out all possible communication scenarios within the simulator with final assessments in the form of Mock-interviews and reviews from company employees.
Scaffolding is built in the program on three levels, which will allow employees to master the skills they acquired more effectively, avoiding cognitive overload.
Analysis of typical communication cases and their simulation will allow employees to gain experience that is as close to reality as possible.
Working project
Key features
Polina did a colossal job in the first three months.She adapted the 4C / ID model to the current reality, choosing the right amount of work for the first iteration, and leaving room for the future development of the program.

She redesigned a significant part of the program according to the 4C / ID model, while substantiating the justification of these changes to the course team, working closely with the subject matter experts and the authors.

Palina analyzed all available options critically: she contacted the support team and negotiated with them, looking into the essence of processes and agreements in order to develop an optimal and justified set of changes.
She produced educational materials together with a team of authors without a content-producer and managed to meet all the deadlines.
“Front-end developer” and “Full-stack developer” courses from Yandex Practicum
Creation of effective learning environment in close connection with the Student Support Team;
Refactoring of existing "Web developer" and "Web developer plus” courses based on the current Job Market Fit and Custom Development of employers.
Redesigning the programs from a result-oriented model to a problem-oriented model - 4C/ID.
Author's interpretation of the 4C/ID model in the reality of Yandex Practicum;
Design of all four components for programs relevant for 4C/ID model in close connection with Subject Matter Experts;
Design an educational program, choosing the most suitable and modern methods;
Conduct a methodological audit of the existing program and propose possible options for improving the quality of the student's learning experience.
Redesign an existing program, test its new version, and evaluate its effectiveness;
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